Boating Course

Boating Courses are an excellent way for boaters to obtain the boating safety knowledge required to becoming a smart boater and to pass the Transport Canada accredited BOATsmart!® Exam.

Online Boating Course

Prior to taking the online boating license, Transport Canada requires that boaters complete a three hour online boating course. The Transport Canada accredited BOATsmart!® online boating safety course teaches boaters to boat smart.

Topics included in the boating course are:

  • Planning Ahead
  • Boat Safety Equipment
  • Boating & Alcohol
  • Boat Navigation
  • Boating Terminology
  • Marine Weather
  • Cold Water Immersion

In-Person & On Water Boating Course

If you prefer to take an in-person or on-water boating course you can do so through BOATsmart!® Canada's nationwide network of affiliates, find a BOATsmart!® Affiliate in a location near you.

Official boating safety course