Pleasure Craft Operator Card

To operate a Personal Watercraft (PWC) you must be 16 years of age or older and have a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card*, sometimes commonly referred to as a PWC License or Boating license.

Contrary to some belief there is no separate PWC License or Personal Watercraft License, the Pleasure Craft Operator Card is the most common form of proof of competency. To obtain your Pleasure Craft Operator Card you must complete an accredited boating license from a Transport Canada provider such as BOATsmart!® Canada.

Personal Watercraft Handling

PWCs are equipped with an inboard engine and are propelled by an internal jet-propulsion system. PWCs have a unique handling characteristics when compared to traditional motorizes boats. You cannot steer a PWC unless you apply power to the throttle.

PWC Safety Equipment

PWCs have specific Personal Safety Equipment, Boat Safety Equipment, Navigation Equipment, and Distress Equipment requirements. Learn more about the PWC Safety Equipment requirements by completing the Official BOATsmart!® Study Guide.

*Pleasure Craft Operator Card or proof of competency

Personal watercraft (PWC) license