Personal Safety Equipment

It is important for all boat operators to be safe and make sure their passengers are safe on the water. Boaters are required to carry personal safety equipment on their boats at all times. The required personal safety equipment depends on the size and type of boat. Operators should inform all passengers of where the safety equipment is located on board and how to use it.

Personal Safe Boating Equipment Includes:

  • Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) & Lifejackets: PFDs and Lifejackets must be approved by Transport Canada. There are a variety of styles and types of PFDs and Lifejackets, learn more about PFDs and Lifejackets.
  • Buoyant Heaving Line: A buoyant Heaving Line is equipped with a buoy or float at one end. The buoyant heaving line is designed to throw to a person who has fallen overboard or is in the water and needs help.
  • Emergency Kit: An emergency kit should be stored in a watertight container and in an easily accessible location. The emergency kit should include: emergency rations, drinking water, a first aid kit, waterproof matches, a waterproof flashlight, a knife, a whistle and dry clothing.

Refer to the Official BOATsmart!® Safe Boating Guide for specific requirements for your boat.

Personal safety equipment