is a resource for boaters who are looking for the knowledge to be safe and boat smart®! provides Canadian boaters with the boating knowledge they need to boat safely, boat smart and boat with confidence. We also provide great tips on how to obtain your Canadian Boating License.

Top Boating Tips to be Boat Smart®:

  • Wear A Lifejacket:
    Always wear a Transport Canada approved and properly fitted Lifejacket or Personal Floatation Device (PFD), and make sure your passengers do the same. It can save your life!
  • Don't Drink and Boat:
    Remember to leave the beer on the pier and the water on the water! Alcohol is one of the major causes of boating fatalities. Alcohol affects boaters on the water differently then on land. Boating and alcohol don't mix!
  • Be Prepared:
    Ensure all your safety equipment is in good working order and that you and your boating passengers know how to use it. Boaters need to be aware of the four types of boating safety equipment and what is required for their boat. There is Boat Safety Equipment, Personal Safety Equipment, Navigation Equipment and Distress Equipment.
  • Have The Knowledge:
    Take a Boater Safety Course and be sure to understand "the rules of the road". Boater safety courses online or in-person provide boaters with the knowledge they need to boat with confidence and to get their boating certification.
  • Get Certified:
    Get your Pleasure Craft Operator Card, also known as a Canadian Boating Licence, and avoid the minimum $250 fine!

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